The team at Kent Place Communications has participated in some of the largest, most publicly scrutinized debt and equity transactions in recent years. We have advised clients on negotiated M&A, hostile offers and defenses, financial restructurings and bankruptcies. We understand that transactions often involve constant, round-the-clock communication between our client and its team of closest advisers, including lawyers and investment bankers. We work with these advisers to ensure that a strategic communications plan, as well as an effective media strategy, is firmly in place before the transaction is announced.

Our approach to transaction communications is very straightforward. At Kent Place Communications, we:

  • Help clients define clear, concise messages about the deal, emphasizing value creation for all parties involved;
  • Design detailed rollout plans for the days leading up to, including, and post-announcement day;
  • Craft all communications materials for all constituencies including employees, investors, analysts, partners, customers and regulatory agencies;
  • Work with outside vendors to create specific transaction websites; and
  • Monitor both investment community and financial media reaction, providing our clients with timely feedback.