We understand that a company’s reputation is truly one of its most important assets. How a company is viewed by its key audiences is vital to its continued growth and success in the marketplace.

We work with companies to identify the most pertinent messages and then develop an effective, strategic communications plan to protect a company’s reputation and deliver these messages.  We have a 4 step process that provides the foundation of any communications plan:

  • Pitch your firm to our media contacts via press release or media statement, as well as proactive outreach to our network of 1000+ print journalists.
  • Network with 200+ segment producers and bookers to raise your profile and increase mindshare via broadcast media.
  • Utilize avenues of social media to market your content.
  • Plan and coordinate in-house breakfast/lunch/cocktail meetings with key executives and interested media.

Changes in senior management, corporate governance, general business direction or approach to capital allocation and acquisition activity can lead to uncertainty among a company’s key stakeholders. In general, investors, employees and others can deal with good and bad news, but cannot tolerate uncertainty. Through an effective corporate communications program, it is our goal to neutralize and stabilize a situation, provide guidance to quell this uncertainty—whether or not the news is considered “good” or “bad”—and position a company’s corporate character and stability in the best light.