Providing Investor Relations counsel is one of the core services at Kent Place Communications. Our goal is to help clients formulate clear and concise messaging for the investment community, thereby building confidence and credibility for companies among analysts and investors. Kent Place Communications does not attempt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investor relations, but rather tailors client specific outreach programs targeting sell-side analysts, institutional investors and members of the traditional and non-traditional financial media.



Kent Place Communications will develop all documents related to your investor relations effort including, but not limited to:

  • Earnings Press Releases
  • Earnings Presentations
  • Conference call scripts
  • Earnings Q&A documents
  • Employee memos
  • Shareholder letters
  • Investor/Analyst Day presentation materials and scripts
  • Annual Meeting presentation materials and scripts

We will also conduct IPAS (Investor Perception and Assessment Surveys) for clients, speaking directly to analysts and investors, to gauge feedback on your company’s business strategy and leadership. Participants selected by the company are asked several questions over the phone, with all answers tallied and organized into a final memorandum. The feedback we obtain from these surveys is kept confidential and is vital to maintaining the freshness of your investor relations effort. Knowing where you stand with the investment community allows us to help you craft and consistently update your messaging.